RaxSki Joker 65

RaxSki Joker 65


RaxSki “Joker” is a true joker – its length of 65cm extends the ski season to 12 months

Product Description

The “Joker” extends your ski season to 12 months. Find a steep grass, a sand dune on a sea shore, a “naked” glacier without cravasses, a “dry” slope or a narrow snow strip in an Alpine couloir and ride it down! The Joker is just a gliding sole under your ski boot.

Why should a ski boot suddenly turn like a ski ? Well it has got the same metal fins as any other RaxSki models. Excellent on hard steeps or any groomed piste, it is not suited for deep soft snow. Are you saying something like this could never work?

“Joker” is 65 or 62cm long and has sharp edges and side-wall fins, all-metal extension is an aluminium casting. “Joker” fits in a suitcase.
Length: 65 cm, Width: 10/7.6/9.4 cm, Weight/pair: 2,4 kg
Length: 62 cm, Width: 9.5/7.3/9.4 cm, Weight/pair: 2,4 kg
Price/pair EUR 99,-  (GBP 86,-) incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs The price includes a snowblade-type binding for any boot size.

Additional Information

Dimensions 65 x 10 cm

Snowblade binding