Who Rides RaxSki

Who rides with our Raxskis?

  • Skiers on piste
    this ski lets you turn fast without skidding and love soft moguls and icy spots. You will ski them safely. Some of you will even leave the groomed piste and taste the virgin snow the first time. Old dreams can come true with RaxSki.
  • Freeriders off-piste
    we have invented this ski for ourselves and we belong to you! No “jump turns” around each tree more needed. Just keep your balance and surf or carve effortless down the slope. This means higher performance by new technology.
  • Beginners at any age
    you will find that this light ski will understand you. Just twist your knees and the ski starts turning. No angulating, weight transfer, nothing! Well, your knees and boots control the direction the same way as the steering wheel in your car.
    But this ski also got the brake. Just lean back and rear fins start cutting the snow and braking. To your suprise you will not fall back but stop and keep upright.
  • Children and youngsters
    for they are still free from established skiing conventions. They quickly discover the potential of the new ski and learn the unknown technique in no time. RaxSki gives them the opportunity to grow and to ski circles around shocked parents.
  • Snowboarders, especially the best ones
    you would never step in a ski binding but the RaxSki is like the early-days snowboard: a revolt against the skiing establishment. Like a “rocker board” the RaxSki lets you rock on its bent base for easy turning.
  • Ski touring
    We pity you, ski hikers suffering in deep and steep snow when you have to descend on your clumsy long skis. Change your material and habits and enjoy the slush!Add Your Bulleted List here