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Revolution Steep Skiing

June 2021:  a new RaxSki for extreme terrain (Matterhorn, Großglockner, Himalaya) was born on Kitzsteinhorn (Austria). The new model has...

Ski Absolute mit BBR-Spitze small

Skiing sharks

Axel from Germany ordered Ski Absolute with a new outlook “gestern sind in Remscheid zwei Haie aufgetaucht! Imposante Exemplare,respektable Breite...


Rax Modelle vergleichen

On 2021-02-20 21:18, wrote Harald: Servus Tom, the Absolute is the best!!!! -and sent us a picture of his 3...


Ski Touring 2021

The best RaxSki model for ski-touring is "Skater", as it is wide/fat underfoot. Around 80 pairs of Skater have been...

P1210954 kurz

Ski Revolution

Hey, this is the ski revolution! The “Ski Absolute” brings the best of water skiing to snow and ice slopes....

P1200610 web

Discover “HighTech Carving” with “Ski Absolute”

SKI ABSOLUTE appeared just before CORONA shutdown on March 15. Nobody expected that two short cutting edges at the end...


Rax Ski 2020 – new fashion

New fashion for new function Yes, the Rax skis got pointed tips instead of rounded pork bellies of all today`s...


2020 tests at Semmering, Feb 29

The world premiere of this ski invention. “HighTech Carving” means “true carving” without skidding. Next test day takes place at...

P1190997 EN neu2

HighTech Carving

March 2017: a very new ski emerged in Austrian Alps. A pair of short curved blades was mounted along the...

Phoenix Pretty Woman

May 1, 2018

We gave ski the steering gear it deserves.—————- Like an airplane, the new ski uses its tail to control the...

P1200237 quadr

A new fun in snow?

Yeah, thousands of ski pistes worldwide need a new impulse. Carving the same turns all the day is boaring! Why...

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